How to read with your child

Continuing last post, it’s important to recognize not just the importance of reading to your child, but also how to do it effectively. Reading is a skill that has to be learned, and reading aloud to a child is no exception. It’s easy to assume that reading to a child is just like reading to yourself, but there is a lot more to it than that! Reading to a child requires you to be an actor, a teacher, and a friend all at the same time. Let’s take a look at what that means.

Reading as an actor doesn’t mean you need to be like this guy:

Instead, it just means that you have to put some feeling into your reading. It’s very easy to become monotone while you read to a child (particularly when you’re reading a child’s favorite book. Again. For the fifteenth time. This morning.), but they will enjoy the story far more if you try to stay engaged. When something surprising or sad happens, put that into your voice so it matches what is happening on the page. If you feel inspired, try making some special voices for different characters. You might not think you are doing a great job, but I promise your kids will love even the worst attempt at you making a special voice like a turtle!

Similarly, reading as a teacher doesn’t mean you have to teach the moral lesson from the story (if there is one) or diagram the sentences–unless that’s your sort of thing of course. As a former English major, I always approve of diagramming sentences! Instead, I just mean that you should think about what you’re reading and engage with the child. For example, ask the child questions, or answer their questions. For example, you might ask, “What color is that dog?” or “How do you think they feel right now?” or maybe “How many clouds are in this picture?”

Finally, don’t forget to be a friend to your child while you read. There are many times throughout the day where we have to be the adults. We have to make sure children eat well; stay clean, healthy, and safe; and do things children need to do. But while you’re reading, just make the time to enjoy the book and the story together. Laugh together, talk about the story together, go back or jump ahead to a favorite part of the book, even stop reading for the moment if it’s not something that your child is enjoying. This is one time of day where you get to be on the same level as your child. Enjoy it!

These aren’t the only ways of reading with a child, and different books and different children call for different styles. I know that I forget to do these things from time to time as well, and it’s ok if you do too. But I hope these tips will help you think about how you can read to your child more effectively, and ultimately that you will both enjoy reading even more than you already do with these ideas in mind.

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2 thoughts on “How to read with your child

  1. emzab says:

    Great post, we’ve read to my daughter since birth and at 19 months books are her favourite thing! Can’t wait to enjoy reading with her throughout her life

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